General Notes:

  • Were the black point of the images adjusted? It seems like generally the dark areas of the images are a bit too dark.

  • seems the focus was on smoothing skin texture, but had little focus on evening skin tone

  • seemed little attention was paid to making makeup adjustments or perfections

  • this results in images that are often over smoothed, but still have an uneven skin tone making them look unrealistic

  • the men we shot have been made into boys

IMG 061

  • Pretty good job

  • Has weird artificial noise applied to replicate skin texture, presumably over areas of over-smoothing.

  • Hair adjustment overlaps remaining hair often

IMG 088

  • pretty darn good retouch

  • hair cleanup could be cleaner / hair could be filled in in blank spot near shoulder

  • lip liner could be blended into lip more

IMG 095

  • pretty great

  • area around lip over blurred

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 4.39.03 PM.png

IMG 132

  • features that artificial skin texture again

IMG 200

  • good but more artificial skin texture

IMG 247

  • has weird edit line along jaw

IMG 251

  • So much artificial skin texture.

  • uneven transitions in shadow areas

IMG 312

  • i just don’t understand what this artificial skin texture is about

IMG 331

  • see above

img 346

  • hair cleanup is weird, hairs not fully removed

img 404

  • to start this image was blurry and shouldn’t have been sent

img 437

  • kays skin did not need as much help as it was given, parts of it read as plasticy

  • this wig cleanup is a mess

  • the chest has parts with and without texture right next to each other

img 501

  • face and chest different colors

  • over smoothed

  • chest is way over smoothed

img 525

  • kay got done dirty.

  • oversmoothed in every shot

  • hair retouch is not it

  • looks legit fake

img 582

  • so much artificial skin texture, evn in unnecessary places

  • hair cleanup is not great

  • too smoothed

IMG 613

  • face and chest different colors

  • hair at shoulder could have been filled in

  • over smoothed

img 679

  • over smoothed on face but then texture not adjusted on nose?

  • inconsistent edit

img 686

  • over smoothed

  • theres actually a line on her jaw where you can see the edge of the smoothing

img 694

  • product color not adjusted to match lips

  • over smoothed

img 704

  • same as above

img 717

  • the lip being applied doesn’t match the lip she’s wearing. they could have adjusted that

  • over smoothed

  • hair at shoulders not filled in

  • weird browbone highlight

img 782

  • there’s honestly not enough i could say about how truly bad this is

  • with male retouch in beauty you can still even out skin tone and texture but they went in HARD

  • smile lines have been completely removed, skin smoothed and softened to a shocking extent right next to un smoothed areas

img 788

  • this in comparison is much better

  • more texture is kept but still too heavy of a hand

img 806 and 817

  • same as above

img 921

  • pretty good edit

  • skin tone could be evened

img 1001

  • too smoothed

img 1039

  • pretty good edit

  • skin tone could be evened

img 1077

  • kaylen and jacob over smoothed

  • kaylen hairline still problematic

img 1087 - 1109

  • in general over smoothed

img 1149

  • pretty good

  • inconsistent texture

img 1152

  • inconsistent texture

  • over smoothed in areas

  • no attention given to perfecting eye makeup

img 1167 and 1206

  • pretty good

  • inconsistent texture

img 1247

  • over smoothed texture

  • uneven skin tone adjustment or lack of one

  • patchy texture

img 1378

  • way over smoothed

  • no makeup perfecting done, uneven lip color

img 1408-1476

  • over smoothed

img 1524 and 1537

  • so incredibly over smoothed

img 1541

  • better

  • still has uneven texture adjustments

img 1575-1673

  • inconsistent texture

  • over smoothed