Mini Glam Notes

General Notes

  • theres a general lack of making adjustments to make the makeup look its best, which is even more apparent in macro beauty shots

  • over all over smoothing

  • lots of artificial skin texture added

  • there seems to be a lack of focus on evening skin texture

img 041

  • over smoothed especially in cheek area

img 055-152

  • again over smoothed

  • loss of skin texture

img 229

  • again over smoothed

  • loss of skin texture

  • blemishes were removed but the skin tone wasnt adjusted so there are dark spots

img 246

  • same as above but jaw is especially smoothed in this

img 279

  • same notes as above

  • bronzer not blended on forehead

img 432

  • not sure how this happened because her skin was great but she’s over smoothed too

  • you notice the smoothing in shadow areas like the transition at her jaw

img 481

  • over smoothed texture without evening tone makes her forehead look blotchy

  • also eyeshadow transitions could have been perfected

img 502

  • honestly not bad but still over smoothed

img 522-601

  • they DARKENED her brows

  • first time i’m seeing lip line cleanup

  • still uneven texture/tone

img 613 and 618

  • not bad

  • over smoothed skin texture

img 737

  • uneven skin tone on cheeks

img 796-889

  • this is not how you retouch a dark skin model

  • he’s been over smoothed and over mattedfied

  • new skin color has been added around his mouth that doesn’t match him

  • bronzer on forehead unblended

  • makeup was given no help in the edit

img 901-988

  • again over smoothed

  • tone not evened especially in contour areas

  • loss of skin texture

img 1062

  • again over smoothed

  • loss of skin texture

  • makeup given no help or cleanup

  • lips should have had color evened

img 1106-1181

  • over smoothed

  • skin tone not evened

img 1250

  • eye makeup given no help, especially apparent on macro

img 790 and 791

  • over smoothed but at least vic looks better here